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RG pakub Snaga Rosso CHR mudelit, mis on piiratud väljaanne.
Toodetud uue tehnoloogia abil ja ainult kvaliteetsetest materjalidest.
Uus Snaga Rosso mudel on uuenduslikum ja põnevam kui kunagi varem.


The new Snaga Rosso one of our bestselling, classic model that is coming back for a limited edition, boasting a new fitting technique, a new elevated punch zone area and an absolutely amazing modern new backhand design. The new Rosso is a beautiful model that also offers security and comfortability. A DEFINITE keeper’s FAVORITE!
Body & Backhand: The new modern back hand design is a mixture of red German latex and red neoprene material. It is set on 4mm of Natural German Latex + 3mm of internal padding. There is a new RG rubber punch design to extend the contact zone with the ball.
Cut: Hybrid Roll finger cut without stitching. Double wrapped thumb providing comfort & a greater contact area with the ball and Air PU gussets area for greater breathability.
Palm: 4mm + 3mm GIGA RED Grip German Latex for an amazing, top grip in all weather conditions
Closure: Elastic double wrapped wrist strap of 6cm wide WITH TRIPLE VELCRO ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM FOR BETTER STABILITY ON THE WRIST. SINGLE Pull up placed on the middle of the wrist to enable an easier entry of the glove on the hand.
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